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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Happy Giving Tuesday!!

Today is a pretty special day, and just in case you have no idea what’s going on or if you are missing some key details about why this day is important, I have written you guys a little break down explaining what today is all about. 

Some important details… 
Trust me, this time of year I am one of the first people to become wrapped up in gift buying and saving big bucks during the black friday weekend craziness. That said, this very welcomed and friendly little reminder right in the thick of it all is a perfect way to get focused on what is most important. Since 2012, each Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday has been celebrated as a way to remind us the importance of supporting one another, of loving one another, and giving what we can to help each other. The worldwide celebration has really taken off within the past few years, and this year is expected to shine brighter than ever before.  If you want to know more about the history and founders check out this link to the official website!

How to give back… 
Today, and honestly every day, there are a lot of different ways you can make an impact on someone else’s life. But, if you are looking for a chance to take advantage of all of the happenings today or are just wanting to learn more, the Giving Tuesday website is a great resource. The site features information like a local events database which will show you anything that is scheduled for today. If you want to give or donate but aren’t sure how or who to, there is a pretty lengthy list of some great charities and ways you can donate all linked here. Also keep an eye out on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter for ways to make your holiday present buying count for a little more. TONS of brands are taking to their channels to share with customers how they are taking purchases and using them to give back today. 

Some things to think about today… 
Giving Tuesday is about more than just taking a day to be a little more conscious about how you give back or just taking a day to make a financial donation. While both of those things are awesome, and are definitely incredibly appreciated, Giving Tuesday is a movement. Today is all about creating a more generous, supportive, and loving society each and every day. It’s a day that serves as a reminder of those who have less, who need a helping hand or are going through a tough time. So take the time to spread the word about Giving Tuesday on social media, you never know who might see it and be encouraged to help. Smile at a stranger on the street, everyone needs a little light in the day. Take today to think about small things you can do in your daily life that could positively impact the life of someone else.

Giving Tuesday is a great chance to remember that when we celebrate each other, when work together, when we fight for each other and when we simply think of each other, we can do some pretty incredible things. Today is a reminder that no action you take is too small to make a difference. Always remember that any act of kindness, love and support can truly have a lasting impact on someones life. Don’t let the magic, passion and enthusiasm of this day fade out as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Try and make this a “Giving Life”. A life full of giving love, help, a smile, a laugh, and support.

If you know of any ways we can all give back today or have any stories to share, please leave a comment below!


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