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Covergirl is Cruelty Free… Now What?

When Covergirl first announced on its social media platforms that it is no longer going to be testing any of its products on animals, the Internet went wild. Beauty product lovers across the globe were thrilled because becoming one of the largest international beauty brands to earn the Leaping Bunny Certicate is a big deal not only for the company, but also for the millions of consumers who buy and use these products daily. But. As the heat from the initial fire that swept the web dies down, we are left with one question: what does this change really mean for beauty consumers and for the future of the beauty industry?

Firstly, it’s important to note that Covergirl is denitely not the first beauty brand to take a stand against testing their products on animals. Popular “luxury” brands like Milk Makeup, Kat Von D, and Too Faced have been Leaping Bunny Certied for a while now. But what is special and unique to note about this situation is the lower prices and wide range of accessibility typically offered by Covergirl. Most often in the past, consumers were given a decision of either forking out a pretty penny to support cruelty free brands or going with a more affordable option that might not align with his or her beliefs. By creating the opportunity for a larger population of the beauty market to support and purchase from a cruelty free brand gives way more power to the consumer. So you might be thinking: “Great, why does this power matter to other brands?”

Well, this newfound consumer agency of course creates the potential for a huge chain reaction to happen within the drugstore aisles. With its change, along with an increasingly more environmentally and ethically conscious consumer base, Covergirl might just influence competitors to jump on board the cruelty free train. I mean I might sound a little optimistic here, but hopefully before too long we will see a wave of popular drugstore brands making moves to create more environmentally and ethically sound products. This wave of change would have a lasting impact that would inevitably create a better future for the industry, a better future for our Earth, and a better future for beauty product lovers.

But, what does all of this really mean for you and me right now? It’s quite simple. This change illustrates that our voices and buying decisions have an impact, no matter how large and successful a brand might seem. It shows us that there are no excuses that should justify a company in its decisions to be cruel to the Earth and the creatures that fill it. It shows us that the things that we take a stand for and against can have huge impacts on creating opportunities for ourselves as consumers. And it shows us that if we continue to share our thoughts and push for changes on issues that are important to us, we will in fact be heard.

In the end, I want to make sure my point here is clear. I do not pretend to fully understand the inner workings of a  complex company and the product development process whether it be in the beauty industry or something else like fashion. I know that at the end of the day these companies are businesses, and are working to create value while also earning money. So I am not making the assumption that making some of these more ethically and environmentally sound changes is easy for any organization to make. But, what I do know is that when we as humans work together for a common goal, when we set our sites on becoming better each day a little at a time, and when we have hopes for a brighter future, big things happen. 


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